Our Story


On November 5,2020 our youngest son Leim Elijah was born. Leim was diagnosed with a rare syndrome known as Apert Syndrome. 


Apert syndrome is a rare genetic condition that is apparent at birth. People with Apert syndrome can have distinctive malformations of the skull, face, hands, and feet. Apert syndrome is characterized by craniosynostosis, a condition in which the fibrous joints (sutures) between bones of the skull close prematurely. This can cause the top of the head to appear pointed and can affect facial bones. Certain fingers or toes may be fused or webbed. The severity of symptoms varies between individuals. Apert syndrome almost always results from new genetic changes (mutations) that occur randomly. Rarely, it is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. People with Apert syndrome can undergo therapies that address specific symptoms. This could include reconstructive skull, facial, hand, and foot surgeries. 


Leim is a blessing to our family. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Apert-fect Creation was created to provide assistance to the Apert community & family which we are extremely proud to be apart of.